Woman Sneaks Past Barrier At Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, Guard Swiftly Disciplines Her

The role of a Tomb Sentinel is more than just patrolling the area, and is a position that requires commitment and professionalism, and is an extremely honorable position.

In April of 1948, 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment began watching over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which has since become the location for various powerful ceremonies honoring the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The Arlington National Cemetery has over 4 million visitors annually, and this historic site has employed a number of rules and regulations to ensure that the hallowed grounds are respected.

One visitor was in for the shock of her life when she failed to adhere to the set rules.

During a wreath-placing ceremony, two children are given the honor of laying the elegant decoration at the center of the tomb, and soldiers salute as the wreath is laid. These ceremonies are witnessed by the gathered crowd.

After the wreath has been placed, the Sentinels make their way to their assigned spots while Taps is played. Once the hymn ends, the participants march away.

During one ceremony, a woman in white crossed the barrier set and walked towards the tomb. However, she was spotted by a guard who immediately addressed her.

He sternly instructed: “It is requested, that all visitors stay behind the chain rails at all times!”

The woman quickly obeyed the command, and went back behind the barrier to join the crowd, trying to play it off. Once she was back in the accepted area, the ceremony continued.

Sources: We Are The Mighty / Photo Credit: Tim Stampfly