Medical Team Form Guard of Honour for Baby Who Beat COVID-19 After Heart Surgery

Are they lined the hallway the tears started to fall.

To every parent, their child or children is nothing less than a miracle. But to Emma and Wayne Bates of England, their daughter was indeed a miracle and a blessing from God, for they waited ten long years to welcome their daughter Erin into the family.

Their world was filled with joy when Erin was born in October 2019. Little did they know that she faced an uphill health battle. In November, when Erin was hardly a month old, the couple was informed that she was a rare combination of four heart defects or Tetralogy of Fallot. Emma and Wayne’s world came falling at this devastating news.

Erin faced an open-heart surgery in December and was recovering at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool when the novel coronavirus outbreak posed a threat to several lives. Erin was recovering well when she suffered a fever. In April, the Bates were informed that their daughter had tested positive for COVID-19.

Emma spent two weeks quarantined with her six-month-old daughter, praying for her recovery. She feared the unknown as she faced some good days and some bad in the two weeks. By the end of two weeks, Erin proved that she was indeed a miracle baby as she beat all odds and defeated COVID-19.

To honor Erin, the medical team at the hospital formed an guard of honour while she was being taken in her crib from isolation. Wayne and Emma were deeply moved by the doctor’s actions. It showed that they were not just doing their duty, but they cared.