Little Girl Calls 911 To Save Her Dad’s Life And Her Conversation With The Operator Is Cracking Us Up

Little Savannah Hensley had quite a morning a few years ago. Not only did the 5-year-old save her dad’s life, but she also made a friend in the process.

After her father began experiencing chest pains and breathing difficulties, he dialed 911 for help. However, it was Savannah who had to take over the phone call when her dad became too uncomfortable to carry on the conversation.

As you listen to the conversation, you can hear Savannah taking over the call with ease, informing the dispatcher that her dad could not breathe. The dispatcher assured the little girl that help was on the way and that her job was to stay with her daddy and make sure that he did not fall asleep.

The smart little girl was able to stay on the phone with the operator and continue to answer questions about her dad’s deteriorating condition while she also comforted her dad. Savannah even went to unlock the door so that the help could get in and help her struggling father.

Sweet Savannah even reassured the dispatcher with the comforting words of “So far, so good!” Savannah stayed on the phone for ten whole minutes with Jason Bonham, the Hancock County dispatcher who took the call.

Savannah’s mom is grateful that the news of the call is still being circulated on social media. She is sure that it will continue to help as more people become aware of the importance of teaching children to call 911 in an emergency.

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