Forgotten Baby Must Fend For Himself In Waste While His Siblings Got New Homes

Poor little dogs that come into the world unwanted usually have a difficult sad life.

Gunnar was an unwanted puppy, his mother wasn’t spayed because the owners couldn’t afford it, when she birthed Gunnar and his siblings, the owner threw them out in the cruelest way saying he had enough.

Gunnar and his siblings were sent away, and he was left behind dumped on the property, and no one knows why.

We can only imagine the fear this poor dog must have had, having all his family moving away and he being confused to where they went, don’t knowing where he can go and what he can do now, saying this was bizarre is an understatement.

Source: Sidewalk Specials

For the little puppy surviving on his own was a challenge, but luckily Sidewalk Specials rescued him, and sent him to the Vet Point.

The medical exam that he took, resulted in him having fleas and ticks, and he had worm infested too, having these conditions made poor Gunnar having anemic issues and needing iron infusions.

The cute pooch got the needed medical help, the staff loved Gunnar and his happy, strong spirit.

He was placed on a comfy kennel and received a good tasty meal.

Source: Sidewalk Specials

Until he got ready to be put up for adoption, the staff focused on keeping him comfortable and healthy.

Source: Sidewalk Specials

And the miracle happened, Gunnar found a perfect forever home with a mom that loves and adores him, his favorite game is fetch and his mom throws the ball into the yard with pleasure.

We are happy for you happiness boy, and just like him a lot of dogs are stuck in shelters waiting for their homes.

Please adopt one cute canine in need now, in this cozy holiday season.