Bank calls police on 92-year-old man for causing a scene when they would not let him withdraw money from his account

10 miles outside of Los Angeles, the Montebello Police Department got a call from the nearby Bank of America to help with an unruly client. Apparently, there was an elderly man who was upset and causing a scene. Officer Robert Josett was dispatched to respond to the disturbance.

Officer Josett walked into the bank and noticed a 92-year-old man who appeared to be very agitated and upset.

There was clearly considerable commotion going on as the officer approached the irritated customer. Obviously, the senior man tried to take out cash from his account, yet he was experiencing difficulty with the exchange. Apparently, the elderly man tried to withdraw money from his account, but he was having trouble with the transaction.

The bank’s policy is that you must present a current identification card for these types of transactions. Since the man had no such ID, there was nothing they could do. However, the elderly man could not understand why the bank could not work with him and complete the transaction.

When Officer Josett walked up to the man, he didn’t escort the man out of the bank or even tell him to leave. Instead, the Officer drove the man to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a brand new identification card.

After taking the man to the DMV to get a new ID, Officer Josett took him back to the bank before it closed so he could withdraw his money.

After posting a photo of the officer and elderly man on Facebook, the Montebello Police Department received national attention. The photo was shared over 38,000 times and bringing in comments of praise from around the world

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