Adult Version of The Little Tikes Toy Car Is Legal And It Goes Up To 70MPH

Aww… I’m nostalgic. Who said adults can’t have some good old cozy cruising too? My little Tikes Cozy Coupe car was the light of my life as a 4-year-old – literally the only thing I remember enjoying at that age. A lot of us had them and they were the next best thing to park rides in a home. Well, the adult version is even cooler and just as cute, and the vehicle is legal and road-worthy.

Brothers Geoff and John Bitmead were feeling Cozy-nostalgic when they decided to turn the Cozy Coupe into a functioning adult version.

They noticed the stark similarities between the Daewoo Matiz and the Cozy Coupe. They thought it would be a great idea to transform their Matiz into a large-sized Cozy Coupe.

It’s fully functional, equipped with airbags, headlights, mirrors, a gas tank, and even speeds up to 70mph.

Between 1,000 hours of intensive work and £4,000 (almost $5,000 USD) worth of costs, this adult-version vehicle is a premium build compared to the $50 children’s Cozy Coupe.

The car has gained a ton of attention all over the world, even landing itself a Guinness World Records certification!