1-Year-Old Chihuahua Dumped At Shelter And Cries Herself To Sleep In A Pink Sweater

Some dogs are thankful to stay in shelters and get adapt quickly, but some others face difficulties to fit in, in a shelter lifestyle.

An innocent one-year-old Chihuahua was dumped at an animal shelter without a reason, what makes the ordeal worse is that the poor dog seems like is not able to adjust with the life on the shelter, every night the poor dog cries herself to sleep.

The workers of Carson Animal Shelter, knew the poor dog feels helpless, and in despair so they placed the dog in a cute pink sweater, but she continued to be afraid and shake.

From an anonymous source of the shelter has been known that the poor dogs chest compresses up and down and she sobs quietly each night before bed time.

Source: Facebook/Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

She cries so softly, because she doesn’t want to disturb other animals that live on the shelter.

This little dog deserves a life full of love and care, away from chaos, fear and noise, and we just can’t understand how someone could abandon this sweet sweet pooch, but we know the right forever home will come to her soon.

Source: Facebook/Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

A recent update on the sweet little Chihuahua, inform us that the sweet canine was adopted, thankfully she got her happy ending.

We wish for her to never cry herself to sleep again.