1 in 5 can solve this riddle immediately: Can you figure it out?

Riddles and any type of brainteasers are great for sharpening the mind and exercise the brain. Everyone can use a little brain stimulation instead of just looking at a cell phone or computer screen all day.

Solving puzzles and figuring our problems are great ways to have fun and add a challenge to your life.

My mom and dad are always doing crosswords, solving sudoku or some other puzzle. Research shows that it keeps your mind fresh and alert and even can help ward off memory loss in your later years.

Stimulating the brain with these kinds of puzzles is really good and healthy for you.

Sitting down with something that makes you think and contemplate the different answers is a great way of re-energizing and activating your brain movement. It really wakes you up and turns the light on, so to speak.

1 in 5 get it right

I found this riddle earlier this week. Apparently, only 1 in 5 get it right on the first try. I think that sounds a bit odd, because it wasn’t that hard – but it really makes you think twice.

I guess that’s the way it is with a lot of these riddles and puzzles – either you get it right straight away, or you have to sit and ponder it for a good long while before finding the answer.

In any case, here’s the riddle:

Simon’s Dad has 4 sons; March, April and May – but what is the fourth son’s name?

Okay, did you figure out the answer?

You can actually solve it by simply reading the question!

If you figured it out already, then congratulations – you’re something of a genius (well, you’re sharper than most at least). You’re one of the 20% who knew the answer to this tricky riddle right away.

If you didn’t manage to solve the riddle, then the answer is below:

The fourth son’s name is Simon. “Simon’s Dad has 4 sons…”, so that means Simon is one of the sons!